stepdaddy teaches jade self defense


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Jade had always felt a little bit vulnerable. She had grown up in a single-parent home, and her mother had done her best to protect her from the world, but Jade had never had the opportunity to learn how to defend herself. That all changed when her mother got married and Jade was introduced to her stepfather.Her stepfather was a martial arts expert and he was determined to teach Jade the basics of self-defense. He started with the basics, like how to block a punch and how to throw a punch. He also taught her how to break free from a chokehold and how to escape from a bear hug.Jade was a quick learner and soon she was able to defend herself in most situations. She felt empowered and more confident in her ability to protect herself. She also had a newfound respect for her stepfather, who had taken the time to teach her these important skills.Jade’s stepfather had given her a gift that she would carry with her for the rest of her life. She had learned how to defend herself and she was no longer afraid of the world. She was grateful for her stepfather’s guidance and she was proud of her newfound skills.

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