roberta farnese la ninfomane assassina


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Roberta Farnese was an Italian woman who lived in the 16th century and was known as the "Ninfomaniac Assassin". She was born in 1560 in the city of Pistoia and was the daughter of a wealthy noble family.At a young age, Roberta was known for her beauty and charm. She had many admirers and was said to be quite promiscuous. She was also known for her violent temper and her penchant for killing those who displeased her.In 1581, Roberta married a wealthy nobleman named Giulio Farnese. However, her husband was not able to keep up with her sexual appetite and so she began to seek out other lovers. This led to her being accused of adultery and she was sentenced to death.Rather than accept her fate, Roberta decided to take matters into her own hands. She began to seek revenge on those who had wronged her and her husband. She began to hire assassins to kill her enemies and soon became known as the "Ninfomaniac Assassin".Roberta's reign of terror lasted for several years, until she was finally caught and executed in 1589. She was beheaded in the public square of Pistoia.Although her life was short, Roberta Farnese left behind a legacy of violence and terror. Her story has been told and retold throughout the centuries and she has become a symbol of female power and strength. She is remembered as a ruthless killer, but also as a woman who refused to accept her fate and fought for what she believed in.

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