terry gets his ass twisted by a stranger with


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ropeTerry was out for a walk one day when he felt a rough tug on his arm. He spun around to see a mysterious stranger with a rope in their hands. The stranger had a mischievous glint in their eye and a wicked smirk on their lips.Terry was confused and a little scared, but before he could say anything the stranger had already started to bind his wrists with the rope. Terry felt his heart racing as the stranger expertly twisted and tied the rope around his wrists, making sure it was tight and secure.The stranger then proceeded to bind Terry's ankles together with the same rope, and then looped the rope around his waist, pulling it tight and tying it off. Terry felt completely helpless and exposed, and he couldn't help but feel a thrill at the sensation of the rope against his skin.The stranger then proceeded to use the rope to tie Terry up in a variety of intricate knots and positions, each one more uncomfortable than the last. Terry felt a strange mix of fear and pleasure as the stranger continued to twist and bind him with the rope.When the stranger was done, Terry felt completely exposed and vulnerable, but also strangely aroused. He had never experienced anything like this before and he couldn't help but wonder what other surprises the stranger had in store for him.

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