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alia bhattAlia Bhatt has been making waves in the Indian film industry for some time now, and her latest movie, Loca, is no exception. This comedy-drama follows the story of a small-town girl, Rani (Alia Bhatt), who moves to the big city with big dreams.Rani is a passionate dancer and her dreams come true when she lands a job as a professional dancer in a local dance company. However, she soon finds out that the job is not as glamorous as she thought it would be. She struggles to fit in with the other dancers in the company and is constantly put down by her boss.Despite the difficulties, Rani perseveres and soon finds her place in the company. She also meets a handsome stranger, Raja (Varun Dhawan), who helps her find her footing in the big city. As they spend more time together, they soon fall in love.The movie follows Rani's journey as she navigates the struggles of being a professional dancer and learning to love again. Through her journey, she learns that it is important to stay true to yourself and to never give up on your dreams.Loca is a heartwarming story about finding yourself and learning to love. Alia Bhatt shines in her role as Rani, and her chemistry with Varun Dhawan is electric. The movie is sure to be a hit with viewers of all ages.

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