devaki indian bhabhi hard fucked by her driver in room


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Devaki, an Indian bhabhi, was in for a surprise when her driver decided to take advantage of her. She had gone out for a short errand, and when she returned, her driver was waiting for her in her room. He had a mischievous glint in his eyes, and she knew that something was up.Before she could react, the driver had pinned her down on the bed and started to undress her. Devaki was shocked and scared, but she was also aroused by the situation. She knew that she should resist, but she couldn't help but be turned on by the thought of being taken by her driver.The driver proceeded to ravage her body, kissing and licking her all over as he teased her. His hands explored every inch of her body, and his tongue followed suit. Devaki moaned in pleasure as he entered her, and soon they were both lost in a passionate embrace.Devaki had never felt so alive before, and she was grateful to her driver for giving her this experience. She felt violated, yet strangely satisfied at the same time. After they were done, the driver quickly got dressed and left the room, leaving Devaki alone to ponder over what had just happened.Devaki had never been so taken by a man before, and the experience left her feeling confused and conflicted. She knew that she should have resisted, but she couldn't deny that it had been an intensely pleasurable experience. She was left with a feeling of guilt, yet also a sense of satisfaction.

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