pretty teen ranch girl in denim skirt and boots riding ass to mouth


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This pretty teen ranch girl was out for a ride on her horse, looking gorgeous in her tight denim skirt and cowboy boots. She was a natural beauty, with long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a petite frame. As she rode along, she couldn't help but admire the beautiful scenery around her.But then, something unexpected happened. As she rode, her horse suddenly stopped and began to buck wildly. She was thrown off the horse, and landed face down in the dirt. She was dazed and confused, but then she realized what had happened. Her skirt had gotten caught on the saddle, and her horse had been bucking to try and free her.She quickly untangled herself and got back on the horse, but now she was in for a wild ride. The horse was running at a full gallop, and she was barely able to stay on. She clung to the saddle with all her might, and eventually the horse slowed down and came to a stop.But now, she had a new problem. Her skirt was now around her waist, revealing her tight white panties. She quickly pulled her skirt back down, but not before a few of the ranch hands had noticed her exposed backside. Embarrassed, she quickly got back on the horse and rode away.But the ranch hands had other ideas. They followed her, and when she stopped to rest her horse, they surrounded her. They began to make lewd comments about her exposed backside, and then one of them suggested that she do something that she had never done before. He proposed that she ride her horse ass-to-mouth.Shocked and embarrassed, the pretty teen ranch girl refused. But the ranch hands wouldn't take no for an answer. They kept pushing her, until finally she reluctantly agreed.So, with her skirt around her waist and her cowboy boots still on, she rode her horse ass-to-mouth. It was a wild ride, and the ranch hands cheered her on. When she finally reached the end, she was exhausted but relieved.The pretty teen ranch girl had learned her lesson. From now on, she would make sure to keep her skirt securely fastened when she went riding.

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