slim blond college girl ass fucked and throat banged by rough boyfriend


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This slim blond college girl had no idea what she was getting into when she agreed to her boyfriend's proposal. He wanted to take her to a secluded location and have some naughty fun. Little did she know that he had something a bit more extreme in mind.Once they arrived at their destination, he wasted no time getting down to business. He started off by undressing her and admiring her slim figure. His hands roamed all over her body, exploring every inch of her soft skin.He then flipped her over and started to spank her tight ass. She squirmed and moaned as the pleasure and pain overcame her. He then moved onto her most intimate area and started to finger her. She was so aroused by this point that she was begging for more.He then decided to take things to the next level and pulled out a thick dildo. He started to penetrate her with it, going deeper and deeper each time. She loved the feeling of being filled up and screamed out in pleasure.He then flipped her back over and started to fuck her hard. She loved the feeling of him pounding away at her tight pussy. He then moved to her throat and started to choke her as he thrust into her. The combination of pleasure and pain was too much for her to handle and she let out a loud scream of pleasure.After a few more minutes of intense fucking, he finally finished and they both lay there, exhausted. This slim blond college girl had never experienced anything like this before and she loved every minute of it. She knew from then on that she would never forget this experience.

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